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Hello. My name is Shawn. I'm 23 years old, born 8.13.91. I'm a Christian, and it most certainly shows on my blog. So if you don't want to see me fangirling over Jesus , don't follow. I also have Oculocutaneous Albinism. My blog is a general blog. I post whatever I want, which is usually, food, art, anime, and bible quotes. I am ultra, super mega, friendly to the 5th power, so don't be afraid to message me at anytime. Anything else I suppose you can ask me about. Thank you for visiting and have a blessed day. :)


Amazing Testimony. Remember God loves you. His love is never ending.


Who is stronger?   Who can eat more…? 

Munchlax or Snorlax?


Audrey Assad-Known.


Instead of writing and reblogging theological paradigms and boasting about all the books you read, search “thinspo” or “suicide” on the tags, and find a blog to share the love of Jesus with. 

You never know how much of an impact you can make by telling someone how much worth they hold in the eyes of God.