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Hello. My name is Shawn. I'm 23 years old, born 8.13.91. I'm a Christian, and it most certainly shows on my blog. So if you don't want to see me fangirling over Jesus , don't follow. I also have Oculocutaneous Albinism. My blog is a general blog. I post whatever I want, which is usually, food, art, anime, and bible quotes. I am ultra, super mega, friendly to the 5th power, so don't be afraid to message me at anytime. Anything else I suppose you can ask me about. Thank you for visiting and have a blessed day. :)



This is a story about hope. It’s the story about grace. God’s grace. More specifically, Selah Grace.

In 2005, at the tender age of thirteen, I joined up on the Eric and Leslie Ludy forum. I suppose, at the time, I considered myself to be one of great maturity. Don’t we all at our present age? The forum was small. About 250 members. A young lady who went by the name of bekamorgan19 befriended me. Her name was Rebekah, and she had just turned eighteen. She was from Sydney, Australia too, so we had a bit in common.

Like the rest of the members of the forum, she was faithfully waiting for her future husband. I never once heard her complain about the waiting season, though difficult it is for all of us. It was just the way she was. She was beautiful, for Christ was so vivid in her life. 

In mid 2006, when she was but nineteen years of age, a young man who went by the username of, “Lostifnot4Him” registered on the forum. Beka, being her normal friendly self, welcomed him into the community. They began to converse on open threads. A joke here, a joke there, a question on the side. His name was Caleb. He was from Alabama, and was undergoing military training. 

They moved their conversations (that were getting longer by the post) to private messaging. Over time, they moved their conversations to email, for there was rumours that the forum was to shut down, due to a few members’ unruly behaviour (and thesee rumours were to be true at the beginning of 2008). Cautiously, and guardedly, Caleb began to pursue Rebekah, through immense prayer and intercession. 

Caleb did not act inappropriately. He did not lead Rebekah along, and did not state his emotions with no action. He did not flirt, nor play with her heart. He behaved like a man throughout this process. Rebekah, in return, did not seduce or play coy. She kept her heart guarded. They both honoured one another’s purity, and chastity. 

Now, I can openly admit that I’m sketchy on the details. I was not in contact with her for almost two years, due to my rebellion against the Lord. I had since left the forum. But what I do know is that Caleb called her parents, and talked to them. I mean, he was a guy from the Internet. And he was someone who was over 5,000 miles away. But he talked to her parents, and Beka’s father gave him permission to pursue his daughter. Despite the distance. Despite not meeting one another. Rebekah and Caleb had faith, for they were both rooted into the Solid Rock.

So when Caleb had confessed his affection and attraction toward Beka, there was no doubts, or questions of what this or that all meant. He was upfront, and boldly told her his intentions. Only then, did she reveal her heart to him. They entered a relationship in 2007.

So what then? Did Rebekah worry about when, and how, and why? Most likely. But she rested in the knowledge that the Lord knew. And He had not scripted such a beautiful tale for it to burn to ashes. She trusted the Lord, and as a result of His sovereignty, they met in July of 2007. Seven months of their relationship spent apart, having faith by grace that the Lord would provide. And He did.

They built their relationship upon Truth, and because of this, there was no awkwardness. Beka still chuckles today at the fact that so many people had warned her about the sheer awkwardness that she would encounter. But she had none for Caleb. Just love. 

Caleb stood at the airport, awaiting her arrival with a simply bouquet in his hand. He asked her to marry him by her trip’s end. 

And the rest is history. 

But believe it or not, this post is not to celebrate a marriage that happened four years ago, though amazing as it may be. It’s to celebrate a new member upon this earth. New life. New joy. A new chapter.

Little Selah Grace entered the world on the 16th of May, 2012, weighing in at 8lbs and 5oz. What makes her precious, other than being fearfully and wonderfully made by her Creator, is the fact that she is a miracle.

Caleb and Rebekah tried to conceive, with little success. After some complicated tests, the doctors informed Rebekah that she would not be able to have children. Ever. Beka, distraught at the news, began to seek the Lord over adoption. Displaying her big heart, she began the process of adoption for one of the 148 million orphans. As she raised money through homemade bracelets, earrings, and other measures, she raised awareness of the sheer poverty that these little ones had to go through.

After months of hard work, Caleb and Rebekah reached the 70% mark of their financial goal. The end was in sight, though the waiting would be the next hurdle. But the Lord had other plans. Big plans.

Rebekah went in to have some medical and blood tests done for the adoption process. Prior to this, Caleb and her had both surrendered their desire to have children of their own flesh and blood. They trusted that He would get the glory in all of this. And He did.

Rebekah was six weeks pregnant. A miracle had been performed. 

Today, we welcomed into the world a beautiful, darling baby girl called Selah Grace. To pause and reflect in a moment of praise. And I’m sure Caleb and Rebekah are doing just that.

I tell you this, dear reader, because I wept when they announced the news two hours ago on Facebook. Selah was simply gorgeous. In my flesh, I have never wanted children. In Christ, I’m desperately nervous when it comes to the thought of having my own someday. But looking at Selah—oh my heart. The Lord spoke to me. Someday.

I tell you this too, so you are encouraged that our God is not limited. Do not shove Him in a box, stating that He is not able. He is. He can move mountains if that is what would be required for His glory. He can open wombs, and write love stories more wonderful than the mind can muster. He is able, if we believe. 

Glory to the Lord Who gives and takes away. Glory to Him that gives us another day. Glory to the One Who sits upon the throne. Glory to the King of Kings Who has called us His own.

Beautiful story! And this, ladies and gentleman, is why I am a big advocate of courting. 

Congrats to this couple on their baby! 

Just made this post yesterday.

Just made this post yesterday.